Do you experience chronic pain in your back, neck, shoulders, or limbs? Do you experience any restriction in range of motion or fear of specific movements like bending, walking up or downstairs, or just moving your arms? Do you suffer from emotional pain?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you already know how much chronic pain can reduce the quality of life, limit your ability to sit, stand, walk, or even rest. It may even put many of your social activities on hold, making travel and recreational activities more difficult. In extreme cases, hyperactive pain body may make you feel depressed, impaired, and dependent on others, as well as rob you of quality sleep.

Do you want to move freely again, feel more flexible, balanced and at ease, as well as enjoy social life again? If so, it is time for you to learn this simple, yet profound, way to heal your pain body, let go of tension, and restore your wellness! If you want to have restful sleep, set yourself free of stress, so that you can become more alive, empowered, and pain-free, please register for our next workshop that will be held in Durham, North Carolina on April 7 and 8 from 10 am to 6 pm (with an hour lunch break at 1:30).

Remove Pain

Learn how to alleviate back and body pain easily, quickly and effectively.  

Release Tension

Learn how to let go of tension and experience natural energy flow in the afflicted areas.

Relax Under Pressure

Learn proven methods for reducing stress, increasing strength, endurance and vitality.

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This unique workshop will be held at Health Touch Center conveniently located at 3500 Westgate Drive #504 in Durham, North Carolina. From Pain to Wellness and registering for this event dedicated to exploration of Pain Body Healing. As you probably know already, it will be held at Health Touch Center that is conveniently located at 3500 Westgate Drive #504 in Durham, North Carolina. On both days, Saturday, April 7 and Sunday, April 8, we will start at 10 am and continue till approximately 6:00 pm EST with an hour lunch break at about 1:30 pm.

Should you have any questions or special requests, feel free to call our office at 503-501-8116.









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In this enlightening 2-day workshop, you will learn:

- How to alleviate physical pain easily, quickly and effectively;

- How to release tension and experience natural energy flow in the area where you feel your pain the most;

- How to relax, reduce stress and increase strength, endurance, and vitality;

- The keys to improve your balance, flexibility and spinal health… and more in just one weekend!





Take advantage of our interest-free payment plan:

- Alleviate physical and emotional pain;

- Release tension to enjoy the natural flow of life force where you need it the most;

- Relax under pressure for greater strength, endurance, resilience, and vitality;

- The key principles for enhancing your balance, flexibility, and spinal health... and a lot more in this experiential workshop!


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