Discover the Secrets of Self-Mastery with Lama Tantrapa

Have you always wanted to become the best lover, healer, martial artist, and spiritual adventurer you could be?

You are welcome to discover the secrets of the ancient tradition of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong from its lineage holder Lama Tantrapa. 

See for yourself how this Art of Being in the Flow can transform your life.



Discover for yourself how much more empowered and enlightened you can become, when Lama Tantrapa becomes your mentor and spiritual guide.


Join us for the empowering and enlightening retreat on the Canary Islands this winter (when the weather will be absolutely amazing there) to learn the art of Pain Body Healing.


If you aspire not only to enjoy all the abundance that your life has to offer but also help others live their lives more fully, you will be able to do that as a Certified Qigong Coach.

From Pain to Wellness

Do you, from time to time, suffer from pain and struggle to make it go away? Wellness Coaching can help you recover from chronic pain and transition to wellness.


From Stress to Being in the Flow

Does your daily life sometimes feel as stressful and chaotic as a nightmare? Flow Coaching will help you transform stress into flow.


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