Thank you for your interest in Qigong and Qi Dao in particular. The ebooks, video and audio materials you can find here will help you discover how energy awareness can contribute to your physical and emotional health, spirituality, wellness, and wellbeing. Many of our multimedia products are dedicated to being in the flow in every aspect of your life: from self-healing to self-defense, and from personal development to conscious evolution of humankind.

If you aspire to make our world a better place, you may find some answers to your most burning questions in the Qi Dao Home Study Course. It is filled with practical ways for implementing this energy awareness into the daily life as well as developing attentiveness by first accepting things the way they are, because there is no way to notice where the flow of things is flowing, if you are fighting it.

By listening to and practicing the meditations included in Qi Dao Initiation audio album, you will develop the ability to remember that all your daydreams concerning better life or better world are exactly that - dreams. Indeed, you can apply the principles of lucid dreaming to your daydreams and learn to be in their flow, rather than struggle against them, as many people tend to do. This is an excellent way to nip in the bud any anxieties, fears, anger, or regrets about the past, which is also nothing but fighting against your own daydreams thus turning them into nightmares.

If you are interested in peak performance in Martial Arts or any athletic endeavors, you are welcome to enjoy the Qi Dao video, in which you may find a number of important principles that most martial artists wish they had learned before they started studying any particular forms or techniques. You are about to learn how to project energy waves in different directions through different parts of your body that can serve as much better weapons than fists. You may even discover for yourself the ways to take care of conflicts before they manifest by sensing the intentions of others manifesting as energy projections or turbulence.

By the time you finish reading the flagship Qi Dao book entitled The Art of Being in the Flow, or listening to the namesake audiobook, you will also find out about a unique way to curtail suffering stemming from experiencing the gap between the way the way you see things in the present and the way you wish things were, which often causes tension and physical pain. When you embody this way of releasing chronic tensions, the depth of your physical transformation may be so profound that it can be compared to shape shifting. With practice, you will begin to see your body and behavioral patterns as physical and energetic manifestations of your habitual states of consciousness, which will lead you on the path of mastering Qi Dao, also known as The Art of Being in the Flow.


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