3-Month Qigong Coaching Program

Qigong Coaching is dedicated to empowering you to live your life in the flow in this constantly changing world with the skillful help of your coach.

How it works:

- Your will clarify for yourself what causes your main challenges, so that you can address them at the level of their root cause;

- You will discover the specific energy, movement, and breathing practices for transforming any problem troubling you into an enlightened solution;

- You will learn how to embody the new way of being associated with the new level of personal mastery and wellness.


1) Create and integrating a new sense of identity that would be in better alignment with the energies of your intrinsic values and the whole person you dream of being;

2) Develop a particularly harmonious culture of movement that will help you embody a more harmonious way of being;

3) Achieve greater levels of personal power, clarity of purpose, and ability to manifest your dreams with ease.

What is included:

- In-depth 2 hour initial session dedicated to developing and setting in motion the strategic plan for the rest of your coaching program;

- 12 weekly coaching sessions by Skype or WhatsApp, or in-person, if you happen to be in Portland, Oregon;

- Regular customized assignments to help you maximize and embody your new level of personal empowerment;

- Unlimited support by email between the sessions to help you better integrate your progress.


1) Just for enrolling into this program, you will receive a copy of my bestselling ebook The Art of Being in the Flow;

2) Video recordings of all of your sessions, if you choose to have them recorded;

3) The meditation album Qi Dao Initiation specifically created to help you experience the most effective meditation practices that are designated to enhance your vitality, energy awareness, and inner peace.


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