Dream Yoga and Qigong Coaching

What if you could learn how to perceive the flow of things in this constantly changing world and align the flow of your life with it? This kind of awareness would empower you to "be in the flow" at will, would't it? When you are in the flow, you can gain access to the abundant sources of inner wisdom and power. "Being in the flow" also means becoming capable of effortlessly manifesting your greatest dreams and living to your highest potential.

Qigong Coaching represents the “missing link” between the modern methodology of Life Coaching dedicated to improving the quality of life by making it more meaningful and the ancient Energy Arts working with the energy that integrates your body and mind into a complete human being. This holistic modality not only addresses the issues on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, but also balances all these levels. As your coach, I will carefully guide you through discovering and exploring the qualities of human consciousness that often stay dormant in the conditions of the “information age” lifestyle.

While most life coaches try to keep their clients focused on their goals and outcomes of their actions, your coaching journey with me will begin with learning to accept fully your present situation first, without which attaining any future-oriented dreams is often impossible. Instead of stereotypical setting and pursuing goals, the focus of your Qigong Coaching program will be on manifesting and living your authentic dreams, because dreams are more flexible and adaptable to ongoing flow of changes than any goals can ever be.

During your coaching sessions, you will learn to recognize the flow of your life, including all the details of your current situation, as valuable learning resources that can help you live your dreams… however surprising this may sound. As your coach, I will also assist you in gaining more clarity about your vision, which will make it much easier to manifest it, since it is hard to manifest the dreams you are not clear about. You will also learn to focus your attention on the energy of your life’s main purpose and other dreams you aspire to manifest in order to find the energy within you that resonates with your greatest dreams. The mere fact that you dream of living these dreams indicates that you already have some energy resonating with their manifestation.

The main question you will need to find the answer to is: How would you need to BE in order to make this energy your driving force that would empower you to manifest and live your dreams? Finding the suitable way of being and learning to consistently be that way will naturally facilitate manifestation of your dreams and aspirations. Throughout the process of coaching, I will do for you what your best friend might do, if you only had a friend who would consistently and skillfully keep you accountable for following through with the commitments you make about your course of actions and way of being.

If you are in any way similar to most other people, you are not immune to the suffering that results from the gap between your way of being in present moment and the way of being associated with living your dreams. To set you free from suffering, Qigong Coaching will empower you to close this gap between your current state of affairs and your dream state thereby giving you the opportunity to live your dreams in the present. You will also be able to use this energy awareness for developing a more Harmonious Culture of Movement, transcending your habitual Holding Patterns, learning to be a lot more responsive and awake in the dream called your daily life.

If you need some assistance with addressing any chronic health issues, relationships challenges, communications difficulties, or other setbacks, I will help you shift from perceiving any of your challenges as problems to viewing them as learning opportunities. This enlightened way of looking at things will significantly enhance the quality of your life and help you learn how to be in the flow. It will empower you to experience peak performance in many spheres of your life: from healing yourself and others to excelling in sports or Martial Arts, and from business communications to big-time politics. Other applications of Qigong Coaching include:

- Facilitating high performance
- Developing spontaneity and creativity
- Eliminating fears and self-limiting beliefs
- Focusing attention: “Energy flows where attention goes”
- Improving attitude by altering beliefs: “You experience what you believe in”
- Manifesting your dreams of abundance and prosperity.

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