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Do you experience chronic pain in your back, neck, shoulders, or limbs? Do you experience any restriction in range of motion or fear of specific movements like bending, walking up or downstairs, or just moving your arms? Do you suffer from emotional pain?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you already know how much chronic pain can reduce the quality of life, limit your ability to sit, stand, walk, or even rest. It may even put many of your social activities on hold, making travel and recreational activities more difficult. In extreme cases, hyperactive pain body may make you feel depressed, impaired, and dependent on others, as well as rob you of quality sleep.

Do you want to move freely again, feel more flexible, balanced and at ease, as well as enjoy social life again? If so, it is time for you to learn this simple, yet profound, way to heal your pain body, let go of tension, and restore your wellness! If you want to have restful sleep, set yourself free of stress,...

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​Basic Qigong Class

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2015

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Basic Class

Do you want to:

- Enjoy life more fully and thrive, rather than merely survive?

- Achieve more, while spending less time and energy?

- Discover how “being in the flow” can become your regular way of life?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of these questions, please read on… We have created an awesome class for you, where you will be able to learn how to feel the flow of Qi and discover for yourself the Art of Being in the Flow.

If you have been interested in Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, or related disciplines, and are ready now to explore them in-depth, you will benefit tremendously from joining our class. Discover for yourself the principles of Harmonious Culture of Movement, energy alignment, and mind-body awareness through effective, circular movement practices and self-empowering exercises. In our classes, you will not have to learn the forms or choreographed poses, but rather study and test the principles that serve as corner stones of all the forms and styles of Tai Chi and...

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Interview with Dr. Stephen "The Barefoot Doctor" Russell

Stephen Russell, also known as The Barefoot Doctor, specializes in making people feel good from the inside out, to feel centered in the midst of the throes of daily life and to feel the innate joy of simply being alive. He does this by teaching the Taoist philosophy and techniques he's been practicing for four decades, via online training courses, weekly online satsangs, 14 books, seminars, talks, "conscious clubbing" nights, positive message music, and stand-up metaphysical comedy shows.

He trained with R.D. Laing in psychotherapy, got licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and is a master of Taoist meditation and Internal Martial Arts.

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